Gully is a universe of stories that begin in New York in the mid 1990s. Latris Oliveira is the mastermind behind the Gully stories, coming up with the ideas in the midst of her own life obstacles. The stories of Gully are heavily influenced by Latris’ own life experiences in Long Island, Queens and Atlanta, but with a little story seasoning added.

In the first book, Gully, the reader will follow the life of Homilee Santiago as she struggles with life as a teenager. After an extremely unpleasant situation regarding a family member, Homilee is forced to seek comfort in her friends and her lover. As Homilee develops new goals and aspirations, her life begins to move too fast, and before she knows it, she’s caught up in the Gully lifestyle of Queens, New York.

The Future of Gully

There will be future stories in the Gully universe, which may or may not include the same character. In order to keep this website spoiler-free, we will refrain from divulging too much until everyone has had the chance to read Gully. Be on the lookout for future Gully announcements.

In the future, you may see Gully adapted as a TV show, movie or webseries. The possibilities are endless.