Gully is the first book in the Gully universe.

Will there be future books in the series? Yes

Should this stop you from experiencing Gully right now? Not at all.

Each book in the Gully universe will be an individual slice of life that can be experienced as a standalone. But as a reward to the readers who truly support us in the longterm, you’ll experience all of the linked story threads that unravel throughout the books.

Book I: Gully

Growing up in the gritty streets of Queens is no joke. So when Homilee (hom-eye-lee) is forced to set out on her own, she finds herself living a precarious lifestyle full of risk and rewards. She soon discovers a passion for making music, which fills her and her lover with big dreams. But when Homilee’s two lives collide, she soon learns that the streets and the lavish music industry are just as Gully as each other.

Book II -TBA – 2022

We will announce this book sometime in the future.

Book III – TBA – 2023

We will announce this book sometime in the future